Journée mondiale contre le cancer

President Emmanuel Macron’s speech on World Cancer Day organized by the National Cancer Institute  (INCa) on February 4th confirms more than ever the need for early cancer detection.Imstar-Dx has been engaged in this struggle for more than 25 years, developing a range of digital imaging solutions, based on intelligent algorithms, including Machine Learning (AI)  concepts. They are able to accurately characterize cancer-related DNA changes, using innovative technology that is constantly evolving thanks to dedicated researchers. Some of these solutions can, as of now, assist the medical community in the strive for better and earlier cancer detection at a more controlled cost.

The three main priorities of the Presidency’s 4th Strategic Plan are:
➜ Doing the most to reduce the number of cancers by acting on the long term; engaging in prevention.
➜ Develop new screening methods that are more efficient for the early stages of the disease and accessible to all.
➜ Better accompany patients throughout their illness and after.