Pathfinder™ New Generation Imaging (NGI) Technology

  • A high-performance technology platform based on proprietary software.
  • Automation of sample scanning and operator-independent, quantitative tumor markers assessment by machine-learning algorithms, user-driven only for interpretation validation
  • An intelligent interface allowing several remote sites to access an image database server for sharing the visualization of virtual slides.
  • A new blood-based test for cancer detection at early stage and micro-metastasis status, based on intelligent software for accurate assessment of DNA damage & repair.
Our solutions

Pathfinder™ Reader-Analyzer easy integration in a laboratory



Improved when compared to visual scoring / interpretation



One single system applies to numerous cellular test



Automated workflow provides a robust and cost-effective answer to many routine tests

Proven Technology

“For 20 years, IMSTAR was engaged in the necessary struggle for early cancer detection and continuously developed a range of innovative Augmented Intelligence software to assist in tumor assessment in tissue and liquid biopsies.
It is now the right time for IMSTAR to introduce its advanced and validated technology to routine Pathology and Biology labs in this fast-expanding market.”

Dr Françoise Soussaline, President, CSO

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