44ème Assises de Pathologie,2021, Toulon, FRANCE.

44th Assises de Pathologie – on May 20th-21st

IMSTAR-DX will attend the 44th “Assises de Pathologie” a national conference held on May 20th-21st, exclusively online. http://assisesdepathologie.fr/

The meeting is organized under the aegis of the International Academy of Pathology – French Department. 

On this occasion, we will proudly showcase PathoScan our innovative platform for digital pathology

PathoScan featuring:

✔️ A 25 years’ expertise in digital cellular imaging for medical research and routine cytopathology use, integrating innovative software based on Machine-Learning/AI as well as a thoroughly proven proprietary technology.

✔️ A high-throughput scanner and a dedicated database with images and information for all virtual slides. Comes with a software series allowing the transition to a fully digital workflow and automated markers quantitation.

✔️ Adaptation to all sizes of laboratories, easy to use, time saving, and increased comfort for all staff.

=> The initial investment is largely made up by the advantages of the technology

 Learn more about IMSTAR-DX: www.imstar-dx.com