Our platform

Patented Pathfinder™ software structure designed for High-Content Screening

All Imstar-Dx innovative and mature solutions derive from Pathfinder™ core engine, and benefit from patented proprietary features.


Early pan-cancer detection

A blood test based on a fully-proven single marker allowing discrimination between a benign lesion and an early-stage cancer.


Early-stage detection with 94% sensitivity.

Digital pathology

PathoScan includes high performance scanner choice and software, with fast responsive and simple-to-use interface, for viewing, annotation, interpretation and multiple sites sharing of very high-quality virtual slide, on-line markers quantification, and instant access to markers’ index for a list of markers. Accessible and affordable to all Pathology labs, biopharmaceuticals, and clinical research organizations.


Multifunctional viewer for Virtual Slides with perfect focus on all the scanned tissue or cytology samples.

T/C Markers

Operator independent markers evaluation, thanks to specific software modules.


High precision detection and numbering of Circulating Tumour Cells.

Other solutions


Integrated solution for automated in vitro/in vivo DNA damage, genetic instability in oncology and toxicology studies. Several modules cover a range of assays


Integrated solution for automated molecular cytogenetics, karyotyping, and genetic instability in oncology by FISH, MFISH and CGH studies.



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