Françoise Soussaline

Founder, President, CSO
Founded Imstar-Dx SME as a spin-off of the French Atomic Energy Commission Life Sciences and Medical Sciences Research Department…

Michel Soussaline

Co-Founder, General Manager, CMO
His extensive expertise in the cancer domain helped develop close contacts with the Cytopathology French and International community…
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Alexandre Papine

R&D Director
Leads over the last 20 years an exceptional multidisciplinary team that develops and updates continuously the Pathfinder technology…

Khadija Mouazi

Management & Operations Assistant
Multidisciplinary trained, Khadija holds a Master degree in Biology and a in Business Management

Ekaterina Tatarinova

Applied Mathematics, Algorithms, Senior Engineer
With a solid background in plasma physics, PhD and post-doc in Moscow Institute of Atomic Energy, Ekaterina

Charles Homsy

Biologist, Customers’ Support & Training, Chief Engineer
Holding a PhD in Histology Cytology, from Paris Sciences University, Charles joined IMSTAR in 1991

Alexandre Filippov

Chief IT System Engineer Robotics
Trained at the Novosibirsk State University, Alexander holds an extensive experience