Automated molecular cytogenetics to address the needs for high-throughput quantitative studies

Comprehensive solution includes a fast, specific metaphase finder, high-resolution image capture, comprehensive report and large-scale cross-studies.

Automated Karyotyping imaging and analysis integrating users’ requirements and interface features for optimized tools for assisted interpretation.

All operations per batch of 160 slides: 3D recognition and numbering of abnormalities, rearrangements, fusion, deletion, on metaphase and interphase cells (G-Band, FISH, M-FISH).

CytoGen is Imstar-Dx’s integrated solution to address the needs of cytogenetic high-throughput, automated studies for research & diagnostic. The modules range provides the following features:

  • High specificity and sensitivity metaphases’ finder for fast automated detection and digital capture of any number of metaphases at 60x or 100x magnification.
  • Automated karyotyping workflow, editing tools, and 2D-profilometry allowing multiple rearrangements recognition
  • Digital scanning of a whole sample for detection of up to 6 intra-nuclear FISH & M-FISH probes signals, in metaphase/interphase cells spreads or culture
  • Adapted to all FISH studies in onco-haematology and onco-genetics, requiring quantitative assessment of amplifications, deletions, co-localizations, and rearrangements
  • Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH). 2D profiling for automated assessment of DNA gain and loss ratio for all chromosomes, as well as genetic instability and probabilities for a given locus