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Pathfinder™ Solutions

In cyto-pathology and innovative biology tests, the critical needs are to reduce the intensive working time of technicians and to have easier access to key quantitative information, with less operator dependent interpretation, in particular for the validation of new tumor markers, their performance and their standardization.

Routine Cyto-Pathology

Undeniable trends

  • Digital technology has increased in adoption, offering improved quality and innovation, e.g., high-throughput scanning, smart software
  • There is a workforce shortage of pathologists, with more pathologists retiring than those entering the field
  • The rise in biopsy volume and new application on liquid biopsy (blood and human fluid) are necessitating the need for more pathology/biology laboratories
  • The need for better accuracy, higher throughput and lower cost

IMSTAR answers

  • Fast and easy to use display of very high-definition virtual slide. Instant access to quantitative data
  • Proprietary Pathfinder ™ cell recognition software combined with scanning equipment for accurate interpretation and scoring
  • Simple and economic integration into the laboratory workflow
  • Quality Assurance thanks to standardization and second opinion. Improve the training of junior staff
  • Accessible, affordable to all Pathology and Biology labs, biopharmaceuticals, clinical research organizations, and university hospitals

Early cancer detection


  • Cost and mortality increase dramatically if cancer diagnosed late
  • Global cancer burdens unsustainable even for wealthiest economies
  • New blood-based tests in development (e.g., ctDNA, NGS, Molecular Biology) are not fully mature yet, sometimes limited to rare cancers, and too expensive for large scale screening

IMSTAR answers

  • A blood test based on a unique marker allowing to discriminate between a benign tumor and an early stage cancer with 94% of sensitivity
  • 97% sensitivity software for automated detection of Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) from blood samples processed by various enrichment methods new marker for precision medicine

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Routine Cyto-Pathology


  • From several labs/sites, display, annotation and addition of conclusion on whole-slides images digitized at the lab or on a shared platform through labs’ server.
  • Viewer for Virtual slide with perfect focus on all the scanned tissue or cytology sample (proprietary Hyper Focus technology).
  • PathoScan T-M Software generated quantitative data associated to the virtual image
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PathoScan T-M

  • Automated 3D scanning for high quality virtual slides, at different magnifications, based on a high-end motorized microscope or a high-throughput scanner.
  • Operator independent tumour markers thanks to validated, specific markers software module.
  • Tumor markers, ex Her2, Ki67, ER, PR, CD45, Mib1… or quantitative DNA content assays, with high sensitivity and specificity
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Early cancer detection


  • TumorScan blood test offers a straightforward answer to the current specialist practitioner’ pain-point, with a comprehensive, non-invasive, at affordable cost, test for early detection of tumoral status, and, consequently, facilitating early treatment.
  • Sensitivity over 94% for detection of early-stage (in situ/stage I)
  • Trigger test to discriminate from suspicious benign lesion in breast, colon, lung, prostate benign status from early malignancy
  • Avoids extra investigations for a majority of the tested patients.
  • Unique solution is applicable for large scale testing
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PathoScan CTC

  • High precision detection of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC), proved at 98%
  • Presence or absence of CTC in patients diagnosed with cancer is promising indicator of the prognosis and treatment decision
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