Routine Cyto-Pathology

From several labs/sites, display, annotation and addition of conclusion on whole-slides images digitized at the lab or on a shared platform through labs’ server. For slides with a tumor marker, all tumor regions and quantitative data are accessible on the VS-Emage dialog interface.



Image quality

Slide digitization performed by one of the highest-quality scanners on the market, with close to 0% rescan rate. Perfect focus on all scanned tissues/cells with proprietary Hyper Focus technology.

Improved workflow

Allowing local or distant work with multiple user sessions, working time flexibility (frozen section). Simple-to-use, developed specifically for the routine pathology.

Collaborative tasks

Simultaneous access to same file handy for the 2nd opinion or education purpose.

Data storage

Low cost of storage infrastructure.

Secured local server with storage capacity for several years of data.

How itworks?