Routine Quantitative Image Analysis (Q.I.A)

A range of software modules for more than 15 markers in IHC, FISH, double labelling...



Objective quantitative results

Completely automated, transparent for the user, the detection of tumor areas, cells and quantitative data, provides the user with virtual slides, including the evaluation of a range of routine or emergent markers.

Time saver

Save by over 5-folds personnel time compared to conventional eye screening.

Pathologist or technician spends less time on difficult cases; thus, more time for urgent tasks
Facilitate the training of junior staff.
Speed up report submission.

Integrated to LIMS

Included in the solution (HL7, JSON, direct Data-base supported and integrated web server).

Traceability / Quality assurance

Compliance with regulated environments, including user-rights management, audit trail and support for write-only media.

More Informations

Scientific Publications

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