Pathfinder™ : platformfully integrated

Based on Pathfinder™ core-engine software IMSTAR-DX solutions. All its modules software derived from it and benefit from basic features some of which are patented and owners.

Robust and strong this important base
of development technological, it is the basis of a solution innovative and mature.


All solutions

Less operatordependentinterpretation


A blood test based on a unique marker allowing to discriminate between a benign tumor and an early stage cancer with 94% of sensitivity

PathoScan CTC


All solutions

Less operatordependentinterpretation


Accessible, affordable to all Pathology and Biology labs, biopharmaceuticals, clinical research organizations, and university hospitals


Viewer for Virtual slide with perfect focus on all the scanned tissue or cytology sam

PathoScan T-M

Operator independent tumour markers thanks to validated, specific markers software module

IMSTAR-DX's solutions in one platform

Early cancer detection benefits

Cost-efficient solution to transform conventional lab to all digital.

Digital pathology benefits

Accurate Operator independent characterization of tumour vs-normal cells.


A single point of contact for all solutions

Our mission

Innovative Augmented Intelligence,AI/Machine-Learning

Provide Augmented Intelligence & Machine-Learning technologies to change the way the cancer is detected and characterized.

Our mission is to perfect cancer in-vitro diagnosis by combining 25 years of experience in: Cell recognition & characterization, markers quantification embedded in Pathfinder™ proprietary technology, offering automated solutions for :


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